Journey of You

What We Do

JOY's Program

A comprehensive coaching program adapted for professionals, university & school students, and people from all walks of life.

One-on-One Coaching

You can now schedule direct and personalized personal growth coaching sessions with a certified specialist. Just a call away!

Online Coaching

Embark on your journey to change with greater ease and flexibility through online sessions from your own home or office.

Journey to Personal Growth Program

Coaching Edition

In collaboration with AUBMC, JOY provides eligible candidates the opportunity to expand their knowledge on personal growth coaching as a professional practice, and to receive formal certification upon completion of the program.

Executive Edition

Designed for professionals, our Executive Coaching Program targets those seeking to improve professional performance and communication in the workplace.

University Student Edition

This edition of the program adapted for university-level students focuses on helping students maintain healthy habits and a balanced lifestyle, and to manage their stress levels to prevent burnout.

School Age Edition

Adapted for school-aged students, this program includes methods and activities designed to help children and teens think critically about their own feelings and surroundings to better manage and regulate their emotions, and reduce stress levels accordingly.

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