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21 Year-Old Looking For Change

The only word which I can use is “WOW”. She has an answer to every question, she shows me new perspectives, new ways of thinking and new patterns. Joumana Mansour starts a beautiful journey that reaches a person’s inner peace and helps shine their inner light. Truly, I do not know what to call her: my coach, my doctor, my psychologist, my second mother, my friend, my sister. – IS

Searching For a Solution to Stress

You unmasked a side of myself that was completely undiscovered and I gained all the skills I needed in order to deal with both my existing and future potential stress. Through your help, I became a more organized, loving and relaxed human being. Combining your skills as a life coach, stress & anger management specialist, certified yoga instructor has been of paramount importance in my journey to get the best out of myself. – MI

Discovering Self-Confidence

Joumana Mansour’s life coaching sessions made a major transformation in my life. She helped me raise my self-esteem, overcome my patterns of anxiety and fear and try to maintain my emotional boundaries. After just five sessions of life coaching, together with weekly yoga practices, I see myself a more self-confident and a less anxious person. I used to take anti-depressant medications, but now I don’t need them anymore! – V

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