Journey of You

Joumana Mansour

Journey of You

Your Journey Starts Here

Journey of You

Your Well-being is Our Passion

Journey of You

Your Journey Starts Here

Journey of You

The Pillars of JOY


"The energy of the mind is the essence of life."


"Integrity is the seed of achievement. It is the principle that never fails." -Earl Nightingale


"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by avoiding it today." -Abraham Lincoln

Joumana Mansour

As a Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Transpersonal Counselor, and the founder of Journey of You (JOY), Joumana has dedicated her professional life to pursuing personal growth and offering her clients the research-based intervention they need to improve their general quality of life. Her drive towards self-understanding, personal growth and healing, and professional self-actualization continues to motivate her to pursue her own life’s journey with integrity and self-love.


Knowledge will remain as knowledge if you don’t use it. When you do, it becomes wisdom. – JM

Our Services

JOY's Program

The Journey to Personal Growth program for coaches, professionals, university and school students.

One-on-One Coaching

Book private sessions for direct and
personalized personal growth coaching.

Online Coaching

Support is available to you online if you cannot attend the sessions in person.

What Our Clients Say

My journey toward self-discovery with Joumana Mansour has been a challenging adventure and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it has been a life changing process. Her guidance allowed me to bring out the best in me and that is something that I will carry with me always. Thank you.


كم ترددت بالذهاب اليها ولكن اخيراً قررت الذهاب ولقاء مدربتي الغالية جمانة منصور. تجربتي نقلتني من أبواب الاكتئاب الى الانطلاق بحرية نحو الحياة كفراشة سعيدة تطير بلا قيود ، وأصبحت املك قوة التركيز والتصويب نحو الفكرة الواضحة وأخذ القرار الصحيح . فشكراً جمانة

ربة منزل

If I want to name our Journey, it would be "Close encounter with a remarkable kind", or "The Transformer: Rise of the Phoenix". It is a trilogy and I’m still in episode 2, hence, to be continued. I have only one regret: that I have not met her a long time ago .

Business Man

I met Joumana 1 year ago. After 5 minutes of talking with her, I decided to start life coaching sessions. She helped me give myself the time and attention I deserve. During this year, I learned new tools to deal with stressful situations and with my anger. In brief, working with Joumana was a positive step I did in my life!


زادت ثقتي بنفسي وبقدراتي واعطي نفسي حقها. تعلمت الا اتعدى على حقوق غيري ولا احد يتعدى على حقوقي: كل الحدود العاطفية والجسدية والفكرية. تعلمت بعض الحركات في اليوغا والتنفس العميق  فانني امارسهم دائماً وخاصةً عند السترس. اصبحت قدرتي على تحمل المصاعب اكبر وأفكر في المشكلة ولكن دون التوقف عندها والتفكير من كل الجوانب والبحث عن الحل ولا أضع اللوم على الآخر من دون ان أكون انا الضحية.


Joumana, I can't praise you enough. I can't thank you enough. I was dying and you made me alive! Because of you I'm taking control of my life and of my family again... I am proud of myself now. All this in one year!

Stay at Home Mother

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